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40 Plus Green Singles was created because contrary to what many would have us believe, "single boomers are living their lives fully and unapologetically" as quoted from "Single With Attitude" by Bella DePaulo, Harvard PhD, social psychologist, and renowned expert on the single life.

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I've been single my entire adult life and given my age, (40 plus quite a few years more) a passion for humane living and a penchant for adventure, I feel blessed with experiences I'm willing to share with you on living a fulfilling, green, purposeful, singles lifestyle.

If you're reading this you probably resonate. So, I'm reaching out to you - my cohorts - to help make 40 Plus Green Singles THE resourceful and fun online destination for living single, living green, traveling solo, finding other green singles to hook up with, living the singles life with purpose, plus more!


Like Bon Jovi says "it's my life, it's now or never and I ain't gonna live forever" - how do we make the most of living single? I'm offering up my more than 40 years of experiences, observations plus missteps; and turning them into helpful lessons, amusing stories and opportunities to share and encourage other green singles on such topics as: 'things to do alone', 'midlife crises' or 'advantages of being single'


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Oh, It's Another Saturday Night & I Ain't Got Nobody

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I've been on dates where I wondered, "what was I thinking?!" green singles dating or "I shaved my legs for THIS?!" On the flip side, there have also been those "strangers in the night" become "this crazy little thing called love" memories to embrace. For those of you still dating, you know what I'm talking about when I say every time is unique so there's always something to garner from the experience. 40 Plus Green Singles welcomes you to chime in with your own tips on dating or stories you'd like to share.

I have an extensive library of ideas and tips on what works and doesn't work when it comes to online dating. I'll point you in the direction of the best internet dating service (or services) - in my opinion - for finding other singles who are green and over 40 plus sustainability-minded. Of course online dating isn't the only way to meet the opposite sex - "where to meet men" and "where to meet women" covers that. And, look for my list of fun date ideas, and add some of your own.


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Where's the fun in cooking for one? Here in 40 Plus Green Singles let's explore ways we can get the most bang for our buck while shopping, cooking and eating healthy in my organic market and nutrition. For the sake of disclosure, I'm not a purist and have been known to succumb to the occasional guilty pleasure so until they come out with organic Devil Dogs I can't be a total convert.

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How many stomach crunches have you done today? We all know that eating healthy is only one half of the equation to increase your chances for a longer life and maybe even fewer wrinkles. There's also health-related fitness to consider. I encourage all you 40 Plus Green Singles to treat your constitution with dedication to its well being. Personally I'm waiting for the book on "how to increase your endorphins without really trying" or "burning calories without feeling the burn".


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Singles are no less eco-conscious than anyone else and with 52 million of us running our own households (US Census 2010) think of the impact we could make. There are simple ways to start with some go green tips to the more challenging green decorating - but we can do it! I'll even offer up ideas for eco friendly gifts so you can make an impact for someone else too.


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Oh yeah - that would be me hanging with Chewbaka. Traveling alone is not for some but more people are doing it! From early on, I've had the good fortune to travel quite a bit, visiting more than 20 countries over the years. I can help a bit here by providing you with ideas on ecotourism destinations, travel safety, packing for a trip and even the proper clothes for travel.

For even more information and resources about the 40 Plus Green Singles lifestyle, peruse the rest of this site and tell me what you think.

Here's to life! That a doctor might never earn a dollar out of you. And, that your heart may never give out - unless it's for love!"